When do you let it go and act like you could care less and when do you confront her because you are being disrespected?

I have read a lot about inner game and I am confident with myself. I do not worry about my gf (of 6 months) leaving me for another bloke. I know I am a good catch and (not to sound like a dick) but I know that I look good.

My gf is a walt-disney girl. She's really into romance and is as cute as a little girl but also sometimes swoons over guys on the television that honestly look no better than me. Most are worse looking.

So I've been playing it cool. Sometimes I'll joke around and say "Yeah, I would do him, too" and I'll sometimes comment on other girls but only if they really do look that good.

So where is the line between pretending it doesnt bother you and actually being disrespected and saying nothing? She doesnt comment or look at guys in person. I will look at girls in person right in front of her but I will refrain from commenting because I am respectful. So, I know these celebs are on the television but it bothers me that I'm not the only one she will fantasize about.

Do you guys take it as disrespect and that she's not really appreciating what she has? I may sound really insecure but I'm telling you that my gf takes it to a new level. I think she's scared of losing me and wants to act like she doesnt have me up on a pedastal. Do i confront her or am I acting like a b.i.t.c.h?