so i recently got a HB 9 or 10 phone number, shes a little tricky with the text game because shes playing really hard to get like she says shes hard to get and when texting she doesnt say much but she still makes it seem like shes interested. so im trying to reply to her as the confident cocky guy too to make her seem like she doesnt have the power. i was just wondering if someone had some advice to improve the situation for me in any way. i hope i explained it properly

oh and i tried using this as a bounce back from dead convo and get her to reply:

memg you have no idea what just happened to me!
her: tell me!!!
me: oh someones interested! lol so i was getting my mom some flowers and as i was pulling out of the parking lot i was texting and a cop pulled me over for texting while driving. he gave me this huge lecture about how i shouldnt do it and how expensive the ticket was. he eventually let me off the hook, maybe because i have a clean record or maybe it could have been my beautiful face
her: hahahah omg brutal!!! be careful
me: haha we just met and look at the trouble youre getting me into, i can only imagine the shenangins you get yourself into :P

so if anyone wants to use that or a variation, id love to hear feedback if it worked for you guys too