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Thread: Fark!!!

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    Wink Fark!!!

    So me and this girl hit it off on our first "date" and we hung out again today. It was actually really fun, we had coffee again, but we drove to a high class resort, and we saw guards at the gate, so we had to think of something fast, how can we get in!? So were thinking of ideas, I neg her on a few, and somehow we get through.

    We walked around, checking out the fantastic scenery, holding each other, playing little games with each other, a really fun vibe. (she also was scared we were going to get caught which was fun to bug her about. She took my hand and pretty much stuck it on her boob to feel how fast her heart was beating, lol.)

    Then we laid down and watched the moon and it was very romantic. We leaned our heads together and got really close, but never kissed! I dunno what kept me from doing it, farkin wuss.

    So we talked about coming here again, and this time for a longer period, to sneak in, eat dinner, and swim, and drink . She also mentioned us getting a room for a night in a beautiful location, and kept mentioning how she liked the secluded parts of the resorts with the little hot tubs alot!

    We didnt kiss when we left and she didnt attempt to get any closer, so I figured I missed my chance at the pool. But she texted me how fun it was, she enjoyed every minute and we have to do it again.

    So I think all has not been lost! I can still get this lay, I am determined! And if it goes further than that, so be it. However, as of now, I need to get this more sexual. I am thinking about bringing up the "rate yourself out of 10" game, and progressing that to talking sexual. I sort of feel she is hinting alot at getting in bed with her, but I want to be sure. Does she seem too "friendly" to any of you guys?


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    Default Re: Fark!!!

    Next time you see her start with Kino right from the start. You just have to make sure it will come over naturally and not forced. This will make the next step, kissing her, much easier.

    It seems like she was almost begging you to kiss her. You can F*** it up by not k-closing a girl when she is ready for you to kiss her. You're lucky she is still into you.

    Good luck buddy, keep us posted.

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