Say you are on POF like I am and 1 of the following scenarios happens: 1) Woman initiates by messaging something like: "Hey there how are you?" 2) Woman responds to your email saying basically the same thing "How was your day...?" Obviously in latter case it is important what you said to her beforehand but what is the basic gist? Example email I got that I haven't responded to yet: hey, Sorry, i havnt been on this very much to be honest, it is full of creepy men so i kind of gave up and didnt come back on until tonight. Have you had a nice day? been up to anything exciting? what is it you do? Im a student radiographer, just about to graduate, just need to find a real job now! x So what is the best way to respond to this simple situation? I'm really new to the whole PUA thing as you can probably see. I do have history with the whole game thing - story 4 another day i think. Recently I've been learning from InsiderInternet Dating - pretty good stuff. Any ideas on a good, snappy response that allows for taking things that much closer to meeting etc. would be much appreciated my friends!