Sorry for the long post, but I think you'll only understand this if I give all the details about this relationship.

So, long story short, I had a classmate who's unbelievably shy like you won't believe, but is still considered one of the prettiest girls in the whole batch. So obviously, she's got a lot of guys trying to get on her good side. Still, she's the conservative type.

We became real close in the second-half of the year, with her coming to me for advice, as well as relaying stories and the like. I can see right past her exterior and into the person she is inside. And she probably appreciates that I do, unlike other guys who take advantage of her shyness to treat her almost like an object. But at that time, we were more in the "friend zone" than anything else. Then I started liking her, even giving her a sweet letter for Valentine's Day. Then on Graduation Day, I asked her out and got a yes.

So here's the problem. It's now summer break and we're headed off to college in a bit (and yes, she'll be in a different college from me). So my only hope of getting in touch with her is through texts or FaceBook or even the occasional class reunions and stuff. I think I'm off to a good start since, the day after graduation, she STARTED chatting with me on FaceBook, saying, "Hey [name]! We should talk often... I'm gonna miss you " And we had a pretty good conversation.

I met up with her during a friend's birthday a couple days later, where we had, I'm glad to say, one of our closest face-to-face conversations ever. But I got bad news: Her parents don't allow her to date guys after some past event. Then she gave me the terrible, yet somehow promising word, "Someday". Sucks, right?

A few days later, I got the plan to invite her to play Badminton with me at my place (which is pretty close to her place). She texted that she'd "love" to do it, and even asked when. I told her "anytime", and she didn't respond. Every time I contacted her about it, she'd just say that "she wants to, but doesn't know how she'd get there." And whenever I offered to give her a ride, she wouldn't reply. And every single time I brought it up, she stops replying when I come close to setting a date. It aggravates me like hell.

But she's apparently not "avoiding" me, technically, because she texted a "Hey [name]! It's nothing, just wanna say hi!" sometime after.

SO WITH ALL THAT SAID AND DONE, NOW I'M ASKING YOU GUYS, how should I keep her interest? I know some of you might say, "She just wants to be friends, dude." Maybe, but even so, why would she say she wants to go with the Badminton plan and say yes when I asked her out, and even gave me a "someday" after revealing that her parents don't allow her for now? I'm pretty sure there's still a chance. I just need to know how to maintain and BUILD ON her interest. Half the summer's over and we'll be in college soon, and I risk losing her interest completely, or worse, losing her to another guy.

Right now, my only means of communicating with her is through text and FB chats, which I usually start myself now (remember, she's the quiet type). The only two times she contacted me first herself was the day after grad, and the random "just saying hi" text. The rest since then (only about 4 conversations since summer started a month ago) were started by me. And they're more about "watcha up to?" and stuff that loses its flair rather quickly. I'm just worried that if I keep starting the conversations, she'll think I'm too attached and may get bored. That's why I stuck to waiting up to a week for her to contact me, otherwise start it myself.

I know there's something wrong with this approach. How do I maintain and improve this *very shy* girl's interest in me, and possibly even accomplish the Badminton date before summer ends? Need advice ASAP.

Oh and just a note, she's known to her close friends as "very forgetful". I don't know if that's really important, but it does explain a lot of things...