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    Default Taking a FRIEND/conservative girl/girl who likes someone else

    To keep this short and simple, I'm basically stuck on a girl problem with so many catches that I don't think my own planning and instinct alone would suffice to get me anywhere. So I've come here for MAJOR help. Here are the reasons why she's one of the biggest challenges I've ever encountered with regards to attracting girls:

    1.) She's been a "close friend" for my last year of high school. And of course, as we all know, being in the friend zone is a huge disadvantage for any guy.

    2.) She's shy and conservative, but also happens to be one of the most beautiful and sought-after girls in my batch. So even being slightly sexual might be too much for her character, at least for now. Yet she's experienced being hit on by so many other guys already that it's probably safe to say she has pretty high standards. All this may make it hard to approach her the typical "PUA way".

    3.) It's summer break and we're off to different colleges soon. So texting and FaceBook are my only methods of communication with her, save for the occasional get-together parties. And if I don't evoke enough interest in her before summer ends, well... I may never get another chance to.

    4.) I HIGHLY suspect she likes this other guy from my old class. Now here's the interesting part. I asked her out on grad day, and she accepted. But due to "parent concerns", she's not allowed to go out with guys now (because of past events with another guy, apparently). But she agreed to play badminton with me at my place, but so far (and suspiciously, I might add), every time I try to set a date, she stops replying. So this girl appears to be giving me a chance, but is giving out what appears to be [very] mixed signals. Or maybe I'm just misinterpreting this. I don't know. What do you guys think? Anyway, going back, I believe that she's actually into another guy. They've both been calling each other nicknames, and every post they send each other are pretty flirtatious. It's aggravating to death for me, especially when comparing them to my own messages since the start of summer, which are more on the friendly side than anything. Yes, pretty stupid of me to keep it friendly, right? But the point is, this other guy is way ahead of me in this department, but I'm still DETERMINED to win her over.

    Now, given all these ridiculous circumstances, can anybody please give me specific steps (games, conversations to make, methods, etc.) to destroy that friendship barrier and attract this girl to me? And what could be the reason for accepting my offer to play badminton with me, but then purposely ignoring my attempts to set a date? Can there be a way to pull through with that plan before summer ends? My theory is that she's still testing both me and the other guy, but, knowing her, I don't know if she'd do stuff like that. But if it were true, then I may still have a chance of winning her heart before he totally does (note "totally").

    Remember that I'm limited to texting and FB and cannot be too sexual with her. I don't have a lot of time since summer's half over where I live. Need replies ASAP!
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