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Thread: Texting a girl

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    Talking Texting a girl

    Ok, so Ive been texting this girl and I want to know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong

    Me- Hey
    Her-Hey tharr I'm starvin
    Me- Lol when's the last time u ate?
    Her- idk lol too long ago how's ur trip goin ?
    Me- It's goin good, I saw a guy in a thong today at the beach and he was old it was wierd lol
    Her- Lmfao i saw some old guy completely drop his pants the other day
    Me- Lol that tops my story -__- old people do the weirdest things don't they haha, so did u go camping yet?
    Her- nope were leavin tomorrow
    Me-Lol ur trip starts when mine ends cuz I leave tomorrow :/, and where u gonna camp at ?
    Her- so and so park(don't wanna tell u where's shes campin lol)
    Me-good deal, I've never been there, so u gonna fish n stuff while ur there?
    Her-Yepyepyep lol well i gotta go to bed i have to wake up early tomorow goodnight
    Me- Lol okokok cya later, have fun vibe'n it up at the park x)

    It was a short convo cuz we started texting late in the day , so on a scale of 1-10 how was my texting, and what did I do right and what did I do wrong? Thanks

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    Default Re: Texting a girl

    very friendly.. not very playful and fun .. it was dull and informative.. see it pure friends for now.. but i won't say you ruined it, because it was a cute little catch up ....

    would you rather read a chemistry textbook? or maybe a novel? .. chances are novels because they are more creative and probably not dull and unpredictable (if u a select a good one) ....

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