Good morning gentlemen,
I made an account for this sole purpose, i met a girl in at a local, somewhat upscale bar last night i number closed. After the place closed we were talking out side ( i was drunk so i dont exactly recall what our converstaion was about ) my boy who was observing us said it seemed were hitting it off well and eventually she was drag away by one of her guy friends. Afterwards in my intoxicated state i texted her ,i broke the first rule and texted her way to quick however she was receptive and we had a short 3 am convo about the night and i commented on her attire and looks & vise viscera . I told her i would text her tomorrow and she insitied i do. First off, i have never texted a girl after meeting her in a bar ( usually because i hook up with her and just leave at that; apropos i am actually interseted with this girl ) so i am not sure what i should text her this today. Also i told her about a house party my boy is having tonight and she seemed interested in attending

So my question is What do i text this girl today and how should i ask her if she wants to come to the house party? any and all advice would be greatly appreciated