Greetings fellas, would like to ask for your input on dealing with girls who play "hard to get"...I've gone on two dates with HB9 who I work with. Both dates went very well and ended with solid kissing time. I'm fairly confident she is into me as a mutual friend who works in her location says she is always saying good things about me and she gives me very direct compliments like "being in love with eyes" or she's "obsessed with my teeth" (apparently they are perfect)

So here's the current situation. For our first date when I asked her out she had loose plans for the weekend but cancelled them for whatever night I wanted to take her out. Our second date she made a bit difficult to setup and ultimately ended up having to cancel but drove an hour to see me the next day when we rescheduled. I tried to setup a third date this weekend but she was very vague with then she was free as she kept saying her weekend looked crazy. So on thursday she tried to give me some playful attitude about not taking her call at the office. I told her I was in the middle of something and besides she's the one "playing hard to get" to which she responded "what? I'm not...ok well maybe a little"

She didn't know when she was free over the weekend so I told her I'm only free saturday night so if she was free I would like to see her but it was on her to let me know or I'd make other plans. Saturday came and went without hearing from her so I took a different girl out and still had a good night but HB9 is who I'm most interested in.

Any advise? From what I've read playing hard to get it a bit common with women so how do you deal with it / neutralize it?

Also a big question in my mind is when a girl does this, is it better to ignore her for a few days or send her a few text messages to tease her?