Hey guys. I just started trying out this online game. First on match.com but didnt really like it and with the money to subscribe to it I could use towards cover & drinks (for me and my boys ofcourse) in field where I have more success and fun so i decided to cancel it. Anyways right before I was about to cancel my membership to match a HB9 that I had "favorited" opened me and sent a message real short and basic "Hi, hows it goin" so I responded with introducing myself followed by mystery's question "If you could be anything in this world, what would you be? and dont say princess either! lol" classic! anyways she responded and we emailed back and forth several messages i used a couple other routines that worked great because i started to notice her short replies got longer and she started to open up more and we were connecting then out of nowhere she sent me a message with her number saying i could text or call her sometime if i like. I was pretty jacked at this point cuz i never had a serious hottie give me her number without me askin for it before. So heres my delima. I dont have my phone on right now till 15 days (court fines/d.u.i FML) she knows that im out of town right now visiting fam and friends in chicago so i told her i forgot to bring my phone charger and my battery died, but i will call her when I get back home (15 days from now) I got no response back. so after 3 days i noticed she was still online at match and yeah shes hot so naturally she has other guys shes talkin to so since it was a few days without hearing back from her i sent her a new message just to say "hi" do you have any special plans for this holiday weekend and that i was just thinking about her and that i got great news that i will be working on a mural for this talk show in austin airing this fall (true story) and that i would start as soon as i get back in town and am excited and that even though i'll be really busy with work i would still make the time to call her like i said i would because out of all the people on this site, she was the most genuine, interesting, and most worthwhile person to get to know better and that I hope she has a great weekend and look forward to hearing back from her. So is this a blown set or can it still be salvaged? im still learning the game so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, -Kenny Powers

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