a little background between me and the girl. sunday night we went our first semi-official date. we had fun, hung out for almost 6 hours, no kiss, but i think i escalated Kino pretty well.
the next day, monday, at around 1 pm i text her to tell her i had a good time and thanked her for introducing me to this band while we sitting in her car listening to them. heres how the convo went down.

me: hey grandma had a good time last night and thanks for introducing me to -band name-(which sounds like a spanish cuss words so i purposely misspelled it)
her: lmfaoo who you callin grandma punk!! your welcome and thanks for making me fat with those -sweets i bought her

I dont respond and left it at that. the entire day goes by and just figured ill let her text next

at around 10:30 pm that night, she texts me a pic of her playing gran turismo 4 (we had talked about it the night before-yeah random)
i think i could have handled these next texts a little better now that i read them over this morning

her: *picture* I'm playing all alone
me: i didnt think my grandma comment would really get to you lol and thanks for the invite
her: what get to me, i answered! and grandma just won 2 races in a row, bring it grandpa
me: grandpas impressed! looks like u kept it in manual too, dayuuuum....parents must be proud seeing their 21 year old daughter up at 11 pm playing video games 'lulz'
her: lulz gimme a break, its memorial day, its the least i could do....and obviously manual... i know my car stuff!!
me: ok ill give u a break. i cant express how impressed and disappointed i am all at the same time....way to tug on my emotions
her: why are you disappointed??
me: how about the invitation i failed to receive. and judging by your rpm and the speed your going your gear ratios are off.
her: lolz ya they're prob out of whack. and Uhhhhmmmm i thought you're too sophisticated for video games any more...
me: yup you got me im definitely mr. sophisticated...but that doesn't mean my inner nerd doesnt come out once in a while...and a chance to beat you at something finally, cant turn that down

convo ended at that...around 12:00am. now that i think about it, the first thing i could have said when she originally sent the pic was " ok im coming over!"

things i could have improved on or done better? i know this girl is very competitive and we were talking about this game and how she used to play with her bro and they would get all into it, and i expressed how that was really impressive, which is why i assume she sent me the pic