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    Default My Variation on Style's Solid Online Profile Game

    Long time forum lurker, first time poster. Just decided to thrown in what has worked for me online, and see if you guys have had any success in the same way.

    I won't bother covering Phone, or D2 stuff in detail, as it basically works like a normal D2 except you have to begin with a little bit of attraction and distant body language.

    This is also VERY strongly based on Styles Solid Online Game... tweaked only a bit to suit myself, and calibrated towards younger girls.



    I started off making profiles that described myself in detail, listing many qualifiers in order to make myself seem choosy, and using descriptive romance novel style language. Suffice to say, it didn't get me much success.

    What works is a profile that says NOTHING about you, just subcommunicates alot of information without saying anything at all. Also, a big mistake alot of my friends made when they tried this is not capitalizing sentences, and making spelling errors. Sure, some girls don't care, but alot (most) of the high quality ones do, and you can be with a girl who doesn't care even if you have impeccable spelling, but not the other way around.

    For the headline, I directly copied Style: "run away little girl", works like a charm. I will probably make my own fairly soon, but the jist is you want something that is challenging.

    For the picture, I uploaded a good portrait style picture, that I had edited in photoshop to be a high contrast black and white photo. It doesn't violate the terms of use on POF, AND it looks awesome so there is no immediate disqualification.

    For the stats, I put that I was a 7'0" tall black man with blonde hair, and I was a Buddhist (real life 5'8" white atheist with dirty blonde hair).

    For interests, I went onto a thesaurus website, typed in "fun", and literally copied and pasted the results into POF.

    Now, the profile itself:

    BONJOUR! Je m'appelle... whoops, wrong language.

    Congratulations! by looking at this profile you have demonstrated that you have excellent taste, either that or I've sent you an amazing message and you just have to see what kind of fantastic person I am.

    However you may have been tricked! for all you know I am really a 3 ton Hippo who has learned to type as part of a freak scientific experiment being conducted at U of T, or a Monkey with an incredible robotic intelligence hat built by a genius professor from the future who owns a shipping company.

    Can you discover what the truth is?

    If I were advertising on craigslist, this is what I would write:

    I'm a well hung, romantically gifted stud searching for a sugar momma who will lavish me with expensive gifts in return for giving her all of the amazing things her husband is too self-centered to make enjoyable for her. Car must be provided up front.

    Now, I'm aware it could probably be tweaked, I'm no guru, but it works wonders for me. I get opened quite often, usually girls saying "I want to find out what the truth is!" or "I've never seen a profile like yours... Hi :-)"

    Under First Date Ideas, I made up something ridiculous, like "volcano bungee jumping."

    first message

    Here's where the magic begins, and this is basically exactly lifted from Style.

    The first message needs to be unique, and IMMEDIATELY set up the frame that you are testing her to see if she's worthy. There are basically 2 things you need to prevent from happening:

    1. Short Responses. You need to make her work more than you are working, and once you start getting the short flippant responses, it's hard to get it going again, and setting up the frame I'm about to demonstrate also makes it fairly easy to overcome.

    2. Frame Shifting. You need to make sure that she doesn't flip the interaction so you are chasing after her. This will make you lose.

    So, how do I accomplish this?

    First the Title.

    The title is incredibly important. Most women get many many messages if they are over 8's, and the majority of them have boring ass subject lines. What works the best, is literally making something up randomly.

    Things I've used: Monkeybutt, Cockadoodledoo, Lucky Charms, Jolly Beige Giant, etc.

    Basically, it doesn't matter as long as it's unique.

    For the message itself, I find one thing in her profile to tease her on, that is different enough that other guys wouldn't have referenced it that often. So, if you look at her profile, and see something that is just too easy to tease her on, don't do it, she's heard it before.

    After this, I make her start working to get my attention. Because I didn't have a fully revealing photo of myself, I use this to entice her to start doing things for me. Curiousity is your best friend.

    Here is a sample message, so you get the jist:

    Holy long profile Batman! I guess you must really dislike Bar people. I know I personally can't stand when people try to buy your time with drinks, or don't seem to have the ability to read body language at all.

    Anyways, Give me a few reasons why getting to know you will be worthwhile for me, sure you've got a long profile, but it tells me about your personality, your ethnic background, and what you don't like specifically.

    I'm willing to bet you're a bit of a dork ;-)

    I will of course provide you with a more detailed picture, maybe 2 if I like what you have to say.


    Now, it doesn't need to be a strict "do this, then do this" structure. Note that I bust on her a bit before, and after I start qualifying her. I also threw in some relevant data that subcommunicates that I "get" how girls are treated in a bar... really easy stuff, not required, but if done in the right way, it can be really effective.

    Also note that the question I gave her is direct, but basically FORCES her to give me longer responses. Some girls will try to get out of this, which I will cover in the next section.

    Nicknames are also very very good, with this girl I gave her a nickname in the response, but you can more often than not do it in the first message. Just make sure it's fun and playful, and not insulting.

    Some examples I've used:
    Short Stuff
    Officer (her name)

    Make sure, like the profile that you use PROPER SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION!, I can't stress this enough.


    After she sends you a reply. Wait. I tend to visit the site on a specific weekly schedule in order to seem like I'm busy. Once a day between say, 8 and 10 works generally, but I would avoid the site at all on Friday and Saturday.

    What you need to do after she sends you the reply, is immediately put her on the points system. Say things like:

    "For your sense of humor, I'll give you 2 points, for working so hard for me you get another 2."

    And whenever possible, dock her a point. Not too many, you want to come across as playful and interesting, not as an insulting jackass.

    I will send her a photo that I have of myself with friends, dressed up and fashionable in a club, with a photoshopped "clubland" or whatever it is logo in the corner, to look like the photo was taken of us... basically to give social proof. I also usually include a picture I have of myself dressed up at my mothers wedding.

    Now, if she tests you, and gives a short reply, for instance one girl sent me:

    my goodness ur asking for alot out of me the first message

    i feel like im under pressure now to provide with an amazing answer in order to get those 2 pictures!!

    You need to flip it back, with a short response... for example:

    That's because you are ;-)

    Make sure you use emoticons only when you need to temper harshness a bit. You can tell after a while whether the girl will take offense or not after a bit of experience... You want to be firm, but not a Dick.

    I will then state in the reply that she will get my phone number if she can reach 10 points. Usually they will work hard enough for you to get it on the next e-mail, but you have to make sure you don't give her free things. If she doesn't EARN 10 points, don't give them to her, make her work.

    Remember to throw out hoops that will entice her to type more than you.


    Anyways, that's basically how I get their numbers. If you want, I can type up what I do with the phone, but it's basically Mehow's "super un-needy phone game". Which you can get in his excellent GTG Nightlife Edition.

    I am aware that there are things I could work on as well... nobody is perfect, but I have had ALOT of success so far.

    Basically 8/10 girls contacted on POF respond to first email, and I get about 6/10 to meet in person.

    Let me know if you have any success.

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    Default Re: My Variation on Style's Solid Online Profile Game

    I like the profile, very fresh. A girl friend of mine suggested dropping the Craigslist sugar-momma reference. She said its kind of vulgar (she's 37, but it may work well on a younger audience.) and kind of a turn off for her. I haven't tried the point system, but will put it in effect this week and see how it goes. I plagiarized the first half of your profile, thank you, and it is working very well for me so far. I am getting a lot of responses where before there was hardly any. Unfortunately, in my age range (35-50), HB10's are hard to come by. I get a lot of low enders, HB1 (really.. a 1) - HB6's to initiate emails. I have to work for the 7's and up. So I replaced the craigslist reference with a little test, to weed out the idiots.

    Quick test....

    Do you know the difference between They're, There, and Their? How about You're and Your? Good, go ahead and message me then.

    And then add my preferences to weed out the low scoring HBs:

    You should be Height/Weight proportional (curves are nice!), healthy, active, intelligent, has boundaries, minimal crisis events (life is drama!), stable emotionally and financially, has her act together. These aren't judgements, its just what I am attracted to.

    It does reduce my having to chat endlessly with low scoring women, and lets me focus on whom I am attracted to.

    Good Hunting!

    SMILE , and Don't care.

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