Hi. I've been on 2 dates with a girl. I'd done lots of teasing and touching, I got the impression she was into me. When she wanted me to do something, I told her to kiss me on the cheek, of which she did; and high-fived her when she agreed on things I said- to build up Kino.

But at the end of the date I tried to kiss her on the lips...she pulled away. I felt awkward that I'd got this far, I felt too persistent as it was obvious what I wanted to do. She knew that I wanted to kiss her, she said she felt bad that she couldn't, and that she didn't know me well enough. I explained I wouldn't be overly upset about the fact that it may not happen, it's up to her and I'm not going to force anything, it would just be nice. I explained to her the reason I like spending time with her is I found she was endearing to me, the little things she did made me laugh, I then asked what things she liked about me and she said some nice things. I didn't want to come across as over-complimentary and desperate. She then said she'd be worried that if she kissed me it would be because she had to.
I asked her to trust me, and I leaned very close to her lips, as if teasing her, then kissed her on the cheek instead. I later gently kissed her on the neck right up to her other cheek, I asked her how it felt. When we said goodbye, we eventually kissed on the lips.
I asked her if it was because she wanted to, she said yes. Now I'm a bit worried I guilted her in to kissing me on the lips, and that their will be no 'thrill of the chase' because she knows I like her.

I find this a very long-winded way of doing things, and I'm not positive if it was the right way to go about things. For future girls, what can I do to prevent kiss rejection?