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    Question What was a better way to handle this situation? Third date failure.

    Alright, been out of the game for a few years and recently starting trying to pick up again... phew, rusty.

    Anyways, I met a younger girl at the bar and took her out a couple times. First, my goal is not immediate panty raiding...

    So I took her out to a Comedy club... great time... all good... she was definitely into me. We schedule something for a breakfast date... again, great time - girl is into me and using we/future statements, good body language... good kissing, lol... all good right?

    So she invites me out a couple days later to watch this hockey game at a local pub after work... asks if I am going to bring one of my friends or whatever. My friend bails last minute which blows... they arrive first since I had to work late, which she knew... I get this warning txt "just to let you know a few guys say down at our table because there was no more room, so be surprised" ok, whatever... no big deal. I show up and immediately it's odd... I haven't even said anything yet and she is sitting further away from my, crossing her leg in the other direction, that kinda sh1t.

    Dude there is a douche and seems like he's making a play for her. farking annoying thing is he talks over everyone, including me... sh1tty situation because usually I run the conversation to some degree at the table, but I either got out-alpha'd, or he's just an asshole. lol.

    Girl tells me that she talked to her parents about us, etc... im like ok that sounds positive, maybe i am golden. then says she compared me with "somedouche" and since he's going nowhere i was the right choice, even though im older. I'm 29, she's barely legal, but legal. lol.

    I'm sitting there as she goes to the washroom, her phone buzzes with a txt that pops up even with the phone asleep... i didn't even touch the thing. "from somedouche - i dont feel like coming tonight, but maybe you can come over for a movie later" ... so obviously i look to see her body language when she reads it but don't mention it, whatever. she seems annoyed by it.

    So we decide to go this club... while on rout with her and her gf in the truck, she gets a txt and mentions to the other girl that so and so, and so and so are going now... that's awkward. Regardless, I have my hand on her leg and she's grabbing my arm... again body language is good.

    We get there and she explains that there are 3 guys there that are into her and she's not into them... great.. ok, whatever.

    So we get inside, and this somedouche guy came down there alone... standing around... but it seems like she invited him? she's keeping her distance, and there is another douche guy there... she is talking to him a little.. basically making her rounds.. talking to her friend all secretive like... next thing i know im farking standing around like the 4th douche in the pile. im getting some but little attention...

    After an hour and half of this I mention that I'm probably going to head out... it's 10min to last call anyways.. unless she wants a ride. She says she doesn't blame me... interesting answer, I mention that it's awkward since 3 guys there are into her.. she says "just 3 guys, not you?", i say, "okay maybe me to.." seems like a good banter point so trying to keep it going and i would take it back if done again, but i said - and you, you like me? with a smirk... the answer i got was not the one i expected "we've been over this" wtf was that. She says her gf wanted to hang out with the douchy guys from the restraunt so that's what she is going to do... im like no worries and take off... but i get a hug and a little toungue... and im telling you man i am pretty good at picking up on oddities and it seemed fake. It definately didn't feel like we went together, more like we both went to the same place and did our own thing.. really weird to be honest.

    This was on a Monday... I give it space tuesday and didn't call/txt... wed afternoon I sent some quick banter via txt and asked if we were still on for our date the next date... i suspected a flake out coming and sure enough, bingo "i picked up an extra shift at work and wont have much time" hmm... also no backup time in the txt. I responded, no worries.. like it wasn't a big deal.

    I should prob mention she did flake out on me once before.. I brushed it off... then saw her at a bar randomly and she seemed to change her tune... im fairly attractive but my online photos (toned up and dropped 25lbs, good shape now) could be better so i think this was the original issue.

    My instinct is that she is playing the field and to drop her. Now that being said, I had a great time one on one with her... at the very least I feel that I should lay low for a few days, but I may just end up ignoring her entirely. At the moment I don't expect to get any txts... just my gut feeling telling me i need to be less available.

    So, what would have been the better move that night? The way I see it the two other choices were to take off earlier, or try and flirt with something else. The latter suggested by a successful player friend of mine.

    What move if any, do I make? I could just not call/txt and will prob run into her at some point... take it from there. Write it off? Anti flake method/technique?
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    Default Re: What was a better way to handle this situation? Third date failure.

    Im thinkin you should probably start hanging out with other girls, make her a little jelouse. make her feel the way you feel right now. i would just freeze her out for a week then if she doesnt contact you then you can contact her and ask if you guys can hangout again. but this time you are going to bring other girls to the hangout, just like she brought other guys to the hangout earlyer. and you need to flirt with these girls infront of her to.

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