okay so i know usually im here posting about things that i do wrong in text game but ive happened to struck a hot streak right now, and i just want to share some of the things ive said for you guys to use maybe share your opinion or give feedback about how it worked for you.
-well first i must say the best first text you can send in my opinion is texting the girl "hey (name)! its (name) from (club), what sort of mischief are you getting yourself into today?" if you have a nickname for her thats even better. in my opinion thats more unique and creative than just "hey, hows it going"
- when a girl asks how your night was, you respond with "it was great, i slayed a dragon" you know convey the silly personality, i always get a great response.
- when you set up a date and time you also mention "great ill fit you in between ghost busting and elephant riding" it can be any two things, i just find those ones really amusing
- when giving a a made up funny fact add at the end of it "true story" or "fact of the day" i was texting this one girl telling her i was nominated for son of the year and was runner up for son of the year. true story. or another thing i texted a girl, she said she prefers team iphone so i said team blackberry beat team iphone 3-2 in game 7 of the great smart phone competition of 2011. fact of the day.

anyways im sure i have more to share but i just cant think of anything, just remember to be silly a little playful dont forget to add lol's and the :P just have to be as witty as possible. it is text messaging so you do have time to think of something creative so use the time wisely. anyways thanks for reading hopefully its not too confusing. share with me your ideas or thoughts, feedback. thanks guys.