Read my message and tell me how I did and what I could learn from this for my next facebook sarging.


ME: Thanks for the add! This is going to sound super weird but I saw your picture and just had to say that your ass looks phenomenal!........

HER: aww thank you n you are welcome for the add! ..

ME: Have you ever played the 5 questions game..

HER: No But I like to know..

ME: Let's make this a bit more exciting, If you win Ill buy some Mary Kay. If I win though, I get to have your number! ..

HER: i will win..

ME: OK, lets start with something easy, Have we met before?..


ME: Alright, What country are WE in? Going shower brb to finish the game. Don't try to cheat while Im away from the laptop! :POk
Im back!..

HER: Arent we in usa U in tha miltary tho..

HER:what happened to u mr.sexi?..

ME: LOL! I went to sleep, I was getting bored waiting, ! By the
way, Im in Iraq. You get that point for trying, !Ready for next question or you quit!?..

HER: Im ready..

ME: kay, what colour hair were you born with?..

HER: Lol question everyone asks me! I was born with red hair! This my natural long curly red hair..

ME: I like it! Say, how many questions was that?..

HER: 3..

ME: Gotcha!Of course the correct answer was 4, but because you
played a good game I'll but something anyway! What would you like!?Buy*..

HER: listen to u... U dont have to buy anything..those were easy questions by the way..

ME: ...

HER: U went quiet..

HER: Im here wheneva u wanna talk..

ME: I believe I get a number! You're a bad girl for not delivering in a timely matter, Lol! You need a spanking!, ..

HER: U sooo funny but dont u have a girl..

HER: Pick a boo where r u?By tha way I dont need any spankings!..

ME: Im looking for a woman to make her my wifey, I dont need a girl! I need someone to control this tongue! It got late I passed out one the bed from a few drinks, you should of joined me! Are you a bad girl or a good girl!?!..

HER: Im a freak behind close doors n a respectful lady in publicIt would of been nice to join if u were here in tha usWhat time is it there?..

HER: New day rise n shine..

ME: I just got off of work "Wifey" !! How's the day looking for you, I hope great! A respectful lady in public and a freak behind close doors is always a keeper!! I wanna know whats your freak side like , but I will save them questions for later, RESPECT.I think our time spent together would be something unforgetable!!! Who will make it happen........ Good Morning!..

HER: Wow..

HER: honey u a fine handsome man im sexy down to earth lady but we dont know each other if u eva come to florida we can meet ! Right now am enjoyin my time at tha beach..

ME: Yea we should meet some-up, and for now lets get to know each other. We would really hit it off, we could have a real good time out there! YOU tan'n?..

HER: Aww listen to u! Sorry this white girl doesnt tan im whitest freakest girl in this world lol I do like catching the waves tho so when u come back to usa?..

ME: Tell me about the other side of you! I land in New Orleans on the 26th. Im take my kids on a trip to TX me and my sisters and moms...

HER: The freaky I dont talk about thats good I bet your kids will b happy to see u so how old r your kids? What time is it there now?..

ME: My kids....Son, 4, Lil girls, 2 & 3. Its 1am. Going to sleep we will talk to tomorrow. Later...

HER: Goodnight sweetie!..

HER: Today tha 26 u comin to us today? Hope u slept good..

ME: Are you waiting to see me, !!!! No "red" I mean July XXth. to Aug. XX. When is the best time to go to FL during my time!?! I sleep ok but you know how to make my sleep better, !!!..

HER: aww dear any time of tha year is good to see florida..

ME: When is good to cum see you!?!..

HER: Anytime..

ME: short replys are signs. your bored with me..

HER: No not at all been shoppin all sayHave u lived in usa all your life?Shoppin all day I meant..

ME: Yes New Orleans my hold life. Just been work in Iraq the last three years.What are you shopping for, You know my Bday is today!!..

HER: Aww I will blow happy bday kisses to uShoes, makeup n foodWhat u do for your bday?..

ME: I am not doing anything, Really its not my Bday! Catch me on New Years Eve! But I will take them kisses early!!Shoes, makeup n food!! I bet you are high maintenance, !..

HER: Wow honey u got all wrong im far from high maintence! Im a simple lady so your bday is in december mine is..

ME: Yea, Dec.XX. Whens yours?..

HER: Aww my dec XX Shouldnt u b sleepin its late there..

ME: What do you do for your Bday? Yes come join me! Goodnight, Ms. Kelly....

HER: I do nothing but this year I will fo sure! Good night mr.troubleBy way if I came n join u all th guys would b all ova me..

ME: Just saw your new pictures, I like them!!! Nice legs, you showing me!?! You sure do turn heads. What kind of clubs you do goto?......Rap, Hip Hop, R&R, or are you a country kind of girl, yea you’re one of THOSE!?!..

HER: Aww thank u sweetie r n b hip hop girl thats me..

HER: Thank u for likin my pixu must b a busy guyby the way how u like my default..

HER: U quiet..

ME: You be taking some sexy pictures, ! Sometimes I am pretty busy, at work and off work.You default picture show more of that ass you got, so you know I liked!!!..

HER: Thank u sweetieNow u have my number so u can call or texOr text anytime jus in case u forgot I was tha girl who called n woke u up last nite by tha way u have a sexy voice..

HER: My number is XXX.XXX.XXXX..