I really find it funny how some ( if not all ) of the newbie/wannabe PU see the whole community as a magic pill. And here's how it all starts :

"Hey, I've just read The Game, wow, the posibilities, bla bla bla. Check this out, there's this HB 10 bla bla bla"

I mean seriously, guys. You guys think you read The Game then BAM, you shit on James Bond AND Brad Pitt and fuck at least a gazillion HB10?

I agree. It can be a mirage. A good one. PU is an art. PU is a science. PU is a lifestyle. I've been in this community on and off since 2006. Just gathering info from where I could, sometimes trying to make some sense of it and then use it, sometimes just do them. I read books, digested video and audio like crazy. I've had my successes and failures. I've had success when I thought I would 110% crash and burn and the other way around. I've picked up, I've got picked up. There was a period when I've crashed and burned almost all the time I went specifically for PU and I PU when I would least expect it and in the most unlikely situations possible.

I'm no expert yet. The thing is this is the only way to do it. GO OUT !!!! HAVE FUN !!!! FUCK OUTCOME !!!

Sure, you've got your eyes on some HB. You don't know what to say or what to do. what do you do? google it. That's how I found the PUA stuff. Fastseduction.com. Read every single thing on there. Choose the routines that best suited me. Gamed her. BAM, she's mine. Happy happy joy joy. 2 months later BAM break-up. Sob sob.

Routines are NOT magic pills. They cannot and will not be a substitute for your own true self, they are at most an enhancement OR back-up in case the conversation goes sour/where you don't want it to go. At some point in the relationship ( if it happens ), women WILL see right through you that you are a SCAM.

Learn to be natural and congruent. Read books on being alpha, inner game and other topics. I'm not bashing routines or anything, I use them too, but rarely.

Be very VERY prepared for the field and for your life.