Here's a couple key things that helped me get good at running my routine smoothly and getting results.

I paid attention to ONE STYLE...I read ONE E-BOOK and mastered dudes format of game. After I'd go out on the weekends I'd re-read the parts where I felt like I was fucking up. If I wasn't isolating properly I'd reread the book on how to Isolate. If my Attraction game wasn't hitting hard, I'd go back to the book and re-read and practice that the next time I went out.

I'd never be working on more than 2 things per night. (Guys who write out 11 things they're working in their FR's for one night are just mind fucking themselves) I'd work on ish like Story Telling and Isolation or Attraction and Bouncing. I'd work on nothing but that all night so I knew I had it down. Even if the set hooked really good and the girls didn't bounce when I wanted, NEXT! I stuck with my plan and now I have that shit down. My wing back then would do the same, he'd work on winning over AMOG's and breaking down bitch shields and when he was done with learning those he'd move on to two other things. We were out on missions to improve and to also push one another. We wanted to master the process.

Don't get me wrong, while I was just reading this one book I was also listening to and watching other programs. My goto book was Mehow's Get the Girl Manual, I really liked dudes structure, it was like MM simplified. But I'd listen to every other guru or companies products and practice their witty lines and routines but in Mehow's structure, does that make sense?

Hope that helps, suckas.