First I need to be honest: I don't have a lot of experience with girls, and I don't know a lot about picking up girls. I'm not just looking for sex, I'm looking for a relationship.

A girl I spoke to about a year and half ago, just started speaking to her again properly.

I spoke to her about a year and a half ago and she wouldn't do anything because she said that she had just come out of a long term relationship and wasn't ready, but she said she really liked me and any other time she would have said yes. I got fed up of waiting and saw another girl. My relationship with that other girl lasted about a year. I've recently started speaking the first girl again.

I was at a karate tournament yesterday (so was her brother), she was supposed to be turning up, we said we'd meet. I text her a while after I got there saying that I was putting my phone away (about to compete) and that she could find me when she got there.

I got no messages back and didn't hear from her that day. The following conversation started this afternoon:

her: Sorrrry i couldnt come sunday I had to help my friend tidy up cus so many people were hung over and i wasnt
And i couldnt even get to see my brother

me: okay, don't worry

her: You annoyed with me?

me: no, it's fine, I know you were busy

her: you ok?

me: yeah im good thanks. you?

her: im ok

What's the best way to progress from here? And also what's the best thing to do when a girl asks if you're annoyed with her?