Congratulations! By clicking on my profile you have demonstrated that you have excellent taste, either that or I've sent you an amazing message and you just came to see what kind of fantastic person I am. So as you read my description, i really hope its not like the 100s of other ones you've read in the past hour:

- Family and friends are obviously really important to me (am i off to a good start? lol).
- I'm a lover, not a fighter. But I'm a fighter too so don't get any funny ideas because I train muay thai/kickboxing.
- I attend ryerson university.
- Doing drugs is one of the most unattractive things a girl can do... yes, even weed.
- Video games are always a good time, my ps3 is a good friend of mine lol.
- Happiness is the ultimate goal in life.
- My mother is from Argentina and my father is from India. it only gets more complex the further you look back at my family, so yeah its like I'm some sort of unique breed that scientists wanted to create.
- I work at a daycare and at a retail store. (please no jokes about me being a pedophile, my friends say those jokes enough).
- I listen to a little bit of everything. top 40, rock, rap, hip hop. i'm pretty hooked to dj tiesto at the moment though i must say.

Thanks for reading.