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    Default Girl on facebook - need critisicm

    So I got this girl on facebook who posted to my wall.

    "blondes are funny, but brunettes do it better!"
    My fb status that has been commented by a HB9 she's a brunette
    Her: "Of Course brunettes are better"
    Me: "each type has it's own qualities"
    Her:"i know, but still brunettes are better "

    once i saw her online i...
    Me: Brunette
    HB: hhhh Good morning
    Me: morning, you too just woke up?
    HB: yeah, you jst woke up too!!!
    Me: yep lol,but at least didnt passed last night on fb like you did
    HB:hhh you did!
    Me: no, i was haging out with my freinds (dhv)
    HB: doesn't matter as long as u didn't slept early
    Me:loool of course, i transform to a bat in summer
    HB:hhhhh yep

    after 30min

    HB: what r u doing? (in a childlish way. i took tht as an ioi cuz i think childlish tone with a first question hides discomfort/vulnerability i remmeber when i was young and trying to get money from my father but was afraid of his negative answer, i tried childlich tone and diffrent languages lol)
    Me: Chatting with my friends to agree where to hang out tonight (DHV)
    HB: aaaaw lucky you, take me with you (she's being funny, took that as an ioi too)
    Me: hhhhhhh Not going to happen (hard to get)
    Me: ok don't cry poor baby
    HB:weyyyyy,lucky me
    Me: loool

    20min Later

    Me: you traveled somewhere this summer?

    Another 20min

    HB: not yet
    HB: i'm back (i was offline, but i thing this "i'm back" means "Sorry i didnt chat with you the last 20min because i was away from pc but now i'm back")

    Next Day

    Me: hey seems you're having a boring summer lool
    HB: pffffffff, yep it's so boring
    Me: do something then! it's revolution time (she's tunisian)
    HB: hhh,yep that's the solution
    Me: are you planing to travel somewhere
    HB: ofcourse
    Me: where?

    10min later

    HB: i have to go,bye
    Me: answer my question after then go where ever you want! (Alpha!)
    HB: hh,ok,maybe ________ or _________, satisfied?
    Me: mmm,kinda ,well i forgive you this time, you can go now
    HB: ok'tir' (tunisian word that means fly, in this situation it kinda means 'get out of here')
    Me: by, fly (fighting back, teasing)
    HB: i'll show you!
    Me: hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    HB: tiiiir, byyy
    Me: byy

    Next Day (she's online, let's see if she start a convo! and yes she did)

    HB: aaaa 9at3aa (she called me 'precious piece')
    Me: aaaa piesa (i called her 'garbage piece')
    HB: hhh
    Me: how r you?
    HB: lool, i'm good, you?
    Me: having fun like always
    HB: good
    Me: you know how to cook? (this question always leads to telling the hb that i live in an appartment by my own, magic)
    HB: me? yeaaa a professional one loool (ow she doesnt)
    Me: hhhhhh never mind (didnt understood why girls are soooooo curious lool. is it good to resist her curiosity a litle?)
    HB: never mind what?
    Me: nothing nothing lool
    HB: tell me, you're mean (am i being submissive when i tell her at this stage?)
    Me: well i'm looking for something new to cook (20 years old cooking is very rare in tunisia, plus it means i'm not living with my parents)
    HB: why!!where r u!! (i knew it lol)
    Me: i live in ________, my family in an other town. me and my best freind alone in my appartment (too much info?)
    HB: mmm, you gotta be having a good time
    Me: more then you can imagine lol
    HB: lucky you..can i come? (third ioi, she got rejected last time, so this time )
    Me: only when you get older!you're still a young litle girl
    HB: ,you're mean, you'll see!! (i love this )
    Me: hhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Me:i just saw my cousin as mutual freind.
    HB: which one?
    Me: guess
    HB: i don't know!!
    Me: you got 3 possibilities, if you find out who he is i'll give you a gift
    HB: mmm, what are the possibilities?
    Me: 1 ___________
    2 ___________
    3 ___________
    hint: he's the coolest one
    HB: 3 ________ i think
    Me:correct, you're intelligent, waaaaaaah lool
    HB: yep i am
    Me: claim our gift tommorrow (my stupid mind cound't find out a gift idea. then i realised that the gift could be sending 5$ to her phonenumber and numC. any idea?)
    HB: hehehe, ok,
    Me: so from where you know ________?
    HB: normal fb friend but never spoke with him (is she telling me "i'm not involved with him")
    Me: lool so you don't know him
    HB: yep

    15min later

    HB: i'm going to eat something (and i'm the hungry one looking for something to cook)
    Me: bon apetit then i'm going to order a pizza
    HB: good, seriously i'm going to eat something because i didnt set anything today, bon apetit (wht is she trying to say here ?)
    HB: tiiiiiir now
    Me: fly high in the sky
    HB: loool nice one, ok, get lost
    Me: no,you get lost
    HB: hh

    Next Day (i know i should numC bt i'm insecure with my voice, need better inner game i guess)

    Me: aaaaaaaa
    HB: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Me: scream louder!
    HB: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa
    Me: you're such a good little girl
    HB: hhhhh, ofcourse
    Me: what did you aet?
    HB: cornflakes with milk and an apple
    Me: O.o ,isn't that what ppl eat as breakfast? hahaha (it's midnight, teasing)
    HB: hhhh, you're mean, you're making fun of me
    Me: xDD, cornflakes at midnight!and wht do you have as breakfast? pizza?grilled steak? hhhhh
    HB: ohh i'm coming to beat ya!
    Me: girls nowadays are very agressive you know."you'll see" "beat you" "hit you" (Neg)
    HB: Ooo yeah!
    Me: loool
    HB: haaaaaaaaaaa
    Me: just like "her cousin", she's one agressive girl too
    HB: you're mean
    Me: i got to go, if i found some cornflakes i'll save you some for tommorow night hhhhhhh
    HB: hhh lool, you're mean
    Me: fly, "tiir" like you say
    HB: tiiiir, get lost, where u going? ( i was offline)

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    Default Re: Girl on facebook - need critisicm

    Your gift is allowing you to go to her place and cook for her, something simple, if she lives with roomies (who won't be there) or by herself. If not you can have her over your place. If you go to hers tell her shes paying then use it as leverage after the meal seeing you actually paid for the shit on your way over. if you don't get what you want and see no future encounters, push for some money or collateral or leave on short notice if you get nowhere (either or). If she comes to your place, tell her she's paying, same deal, after dinner get something you want or money if you decide you don't want to see her again. Let her know off the bat you have to be up early (big test, work, proposal to finish, flying to fucking Antarctica). Even if you don't have anything to do, she'll feel privileged because you allowed her to keep u up late.

    Not for the faint of heart. Be the man and she will respect that and most likely contact you either way!

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