Hey guys,
So, I tried using this "canned" text (below) in the "field" and i have shown my results below.. . the last one I may have a shot with after months of silence, need help!

(As Quoted:
PUA: *send blank text*
HB: why did u just send me a blank txt (something along those lines)
PUA: Babe, you dont have to come up with excuses to talk to me!
PUA: It must be so humiliating having to make up excuses to talk to me! )

Here were my results:
*On a HB I failed with about a year ago (2 small k-closes):
no response

*On a HB I failed with about a month ago and spent too much money “dining” her because she was a "poor student"; all i got was a kiss close:
HB: “You sent a blank text
ME: “Babe, you don’t have to make excuses to talk to me”
HB: (no response). . . OUCH!

*On a HB I met about 3 months ago at a bar (cancelled our first date because her “ex was back in the picture”):
ME: (blank text)
HB: I think you just sent me the shortest text I’ve ever received
ME: Sweet! What’s my prize?
HB: I just gave out my last all expenses paid trip around the world so you’re out of luck
ME: What don’t you buy me a drink instead?
HB LOL, I’m not a big Sunday night drinker, I’ll be in bed in 30 min
(in retrospect, I think a better text to send than the one I actually send would have been “So my prize will actually be ready in a ½ hour, then?”)
ME: I didn’t mean tonight, I’m busy. You may propose a different date!

If anyone can offer advice on how to advance from here, that would be helpful. Apparently she kept my phone number in her phone even though she blew me off for her ex. The night we met, there were ioi’s everywhere.
Can anyone help me rekindle this effort if there is any chance?
If I'm "dead in the water" just let me know and I'll move on . . . .

My thoughts:
1) shock her with a phone call inviting her to an event I would already be seen at
2) send other flirty texts trying to gauge interest

Thanks for any and all help! My inner AFC needs an A$$ kicking.