Self Summary:
I'm a giant, world-destroying cosmic octopus masquerading as a dude wearing sunglasses.

(in my pic I've got some sweet shades on)

What I'm Doing With My Life:
Going to college for bio-conservation. Learning how to be a better musician. Learning how to be a more authentic world-destroying octopus. Being a huge nerd

(my taste reflects this, I'm attracted to nerdy girls, I have a gift for self-depreciating humor)

I'm Really Good At:
Making new friends. Being the party. Cooking amazing food. Being taller than everybody. Yoga. Tai Chi. Breathing on purpose. Meditation. Making people laugh. Writing incomplete sentences. Watching nature documentaries. Music. Disc golf. Fishing. Archery. Dancing

(I feel the 'bullet point' format could use some work, although my talents appeal to nerdy and hippie chicks. Also, I'm 6' 5")

What I'm Doing on a Typical Friday Night:
There is no such thing as a typical Friday night. I might be working, I might be partying my face off with amazing friends, I might be playing glow disc golf, I could be making delicious food for a quiet date in, I might be devouring a book. What a lame question, OkCupid

(I think this section points out my outgoing nature, and subtly mocks the online dating scene in general)

The Most Private Thing I'm Willing To Admit:
I've avoided serious relationships since my early 20's. I've invested the time that normally goes into unstable relationships and focused on being a more awesomer cosmic cephalopod instead.

(This demonstrates that I value independence and bettering myself, and that it'll take someone awesome to get me to change my mind. Also, I'm 28, in case that's a factor)

You Should Message Me If:
You want to rob a bank with me sometime; you can chose between shooter or driver.

(I stole this from someone on this site; I like it cuz it implies a date but is also totally absurd and disarming.)

The Six Things I Could Never Do Without:
As Bill Nye would say, Science rules! I also require good books, dynamic company, epic bonfires, drunken singalongs, carefree attitudes, nonjudgmental mentalities, and fireworks.

(I feel this speaks for itself; if a girl reads this and disagrees with what I'm sayin I need in life, she's not for me)

The First Thing People Notice About Me:
My epic height, my taste for the absurd, my carefree & open minded personality. And if I'm wearing them, my sweet shades.

(I felt like a little self-advertising here, but nothing too crazy. This section could use work)

My Music Movies ETC:
I just listed it bullet point format again. Should I put more personality in it?

Input would be appreciated; I've gotten #s and chats and inbox messages from numerous HBs and met & fooled around with one - this is my first Online dating profile & I just recently started getting into the 'game'. How'd I do?