Hey guys, first timer here! Been lurking for a while and have found some great advice but have landed myself in a peculiar circumstance that I need to address. Now this has been going on for months (yeah, months!) but I'll try to keep it as brief as possible.

So basically there's been this girl who I'm more than a little interested in, who, ages ago I heard from several of her friends that she was interested in me. But what happened initially was that while it was cool for us to hang out in a group (and we always got along really well, and I heard from her friends several times that she really liked me), every time I asked her on a date she'd bail or just not respond. So I adopted a policy of non-engagement whereby I don't initiate anything ever, bar maybe a text now and then if there's something worth texting about. Meanwhile, while chasing her, I pick up as many other women as I can, a) to feel better about myself and b) so that she knows she's not the only thing I have going on even if in reality she is, in fact, the only thing I want going on.

Cut to a few weeks ago and I'm really close with her and her best friend/housemate and am terrified I've managed to get myself into the inescapable friend zone. So I finally balls up and kiss her as I figure I have nothing to lose, I know I'm really her best option so if this doesn't work I can just fark it off and forget it. Problem is, it did work. We kissed, it was good. I then saw her the next few nights but never at her invitation, always because something needed me to be there or her housemate invited me over. And in these few days there was more making out (yeah, I'm not in high school but I realise it sounds like I am). The thing that bugs me is that I seem to be the one initiating it always.

A couple of days ago we spent the afternoon cuddling in bed and talking, when I went kiss her goodbye all I got was a few little pecks, then the last time I saw her (the same day actually) I went just for a peck on the lips and got given cheek because 'she didn't want to get her makeup on me'. So I've pulled back again, haven't seen her for a couple days and am just gonna see if she invites me to do something. She still texts me a lot and we message goodnight, but it's like there's two versions of her I'm getting. What do you guys reckon I do in this situation? I definitely made mistakes early on, being too available and letting her get away with too much sh1t behaviour, but that's been somewhat rectified. I really don't want to cut this one loose but part of me thinks for my own sanity that maybe I should. Little help?