Everyone knows the saying "don't shit where you eat". Well, i've been dropping terds all over the table. In my area there are not too many places to go at night. I can't go to a number of clubs anymore due to my ex's and other people which, i'm fine with not going to those clubs becuase everythings over priced and there dress code is super strict. (they won't let you in with sneakers)....now, on to the important topic. My cousin owns a local gentlemens club. I used to fool around with some his dancers outside of work a few weeks ago and now neither of us talk. My friends have aske me numerous times to take them their one night. I have always declined to take them. Giving them dumb reasons everytime (they don't know about the dancers and me). Should I take them one night? After all my cousin owns the place. Or should I just continue to tell them no? I don't want it to be wierd if I show up there with my friends if one of them is dancing that night. Stomping grounds are getting thin. Now, there's only one club i can go to where i won't have probs and now, idk if i can go to a family members business.