Met this HB9 last sunday and #closed with the premise of going for drinks.

I text her on the tuesday

Heya its xxx drinks on fri night?

to which she replied after an hour

Hi xxxx yes but i don't promise yet (shes foreign)

after an hour or so I replied

cool let me know before thurs though

The next day she replies

I will

to which i replied

cool i'll let you know on fri where we're going

about 9 hours later she just replies


Then I text her at 1.30 on the friday saying - "fancy X bar around 8pm?"

and have gotten no reply. how long should I give her before I flake on her(before she flakes on me or just doesnt reply), and how do I make it believable?

We're sort of in the same social circle so I'll probably bump into her in the future