Below is a email thread I have had with this girl. I am new to PUA, and looking to learn a lot as quick as I can. She is a brainy/nerdy cutie (she's going to grad school to be a librarian!) that was happier hanging out on her roof and drinking a beer than dancing downstairs. On the night we met, she had to go to bed early to wake up to open at work, and I had my female cousin with me.

What are your thoughts? I've been procrastinating responding. I tried to include some teasing and dhv in biking. "moving to seattle" was a reference to her maybe leaving town for school.

Aug/13 Knife
Heya. Hope you made it to work in one piece. It was a lot of fun to see you last night. Almost as fun as the bike ride thre and home. I kid, but I did have an awesome night, you included. Rumor has it you are contemplating moving to seattle. As such, I think we shuold make a point of hanging out soon. you agree? Great! When works for yuo? I like the idea of next thursday or friday.


Aug/ 19 Knife
Hey xxxxxx. It was fun seeing you. chilling on the roof under the stars was the highlight of the party for me. I'd like to hang out again and see how it goes. If you feel the same way, my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

Aug/20 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx
Hey Knife,
I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you this week. Things kind of got a way from me. I'd love to hang out again sometime. The next couple of weekends are pretty busy with family stuff (wedding season, ugh!) but, I'm hoping to have people over for a bbq or something soon. I will definitely keep you posted! Again, I'm sorry about my poor follow up skills. It was really nice to see you too.

Talk to you soon!

- Xxxxxx