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    Default might be friend zoned, need help

    okay, so cute korean girl i met a few ago. my text game was really good, we met up and had a great date and planned on next date. second date went very well as well, got the make out a few times and at the end of the night. last night is where i kind of messed it up. we went to a festival in toronto, plenty of Kino, some kisses on the cheeks, head, forehead (no lips though) after the festival we ate, walked around downtown, laid on the grass stared at the stars and talked for a while, and then watched a movie that we both really wanted to watch. after the festival, i dont know why but i really slowed down on the kino and the kisses. we still had good conversations, good laughs and stuff but i drastically slowed down on those things. so at the end of the night when i dropped her off at home, all i got was a kiss on the lips (no make out) and a hug. so im guessing that im getting close to the friend zone, not there yet but close. ive never gotten myself in the friend zone before, so some recovery tips would be much appreciated. i havent decided yet if i just want to sleep with her or if i would like a relationship with her. what i do know is that i would like to sleep with her on the next meeting if that helps at all. thanks for all advice guys!

    -please ignore, its a bad post. easily fixable i was just over thinking at the time of writing and im not sure how to delete. lol
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