hey guys, so i went to santa barbara last night with a couple of friends (lets call them friend 1 and friend 2) to stay at these girls' house. i hooked up with one of them a few weeks ago but we were both really drunk and she doesnt seem that into me anymore. needless to say i let that one go and went after her friend who was sober. she seemed to be digging me and we exchanged phone numbers. i texted her later that night after she left to see if she would invite me over to her place. convo went like this:

me:[my name] (i have a very russian name which she refers to later)
her: Bastos!
me: wait doesnt that mean rude or something along those lines?
her: hahaha and in some cases "nasty"
me: for sure. is this one of those cases?? is it cuz of the winky face. i can see how that could be taken out of context
her: haha winky face was a nice touch. it was your name that set me over.
me: my name has that effect sometimes. some people cant handle the whole foreign thing
her: that russian sh1t threw me off. kudos!
me:hahaha. so im stuck on a couch between friend 1 and friend 2 who is snoring like a thunderstorm
her: haha damn. hes already passed out?? you should cuddle. and have someone take a picture. and then post it on facebook
me: youd like that wouldnt you? Bastos!
her: dont jusdge me! i get off to some weird things...
me:well as much as i would LOVE to help you with that, friend 2 and i are not gonna cuddle
her: but you and friend 1...
me: ok...maybe friend 1
her:dont get my hopes up
me: too bad you left,. you couldve watched
her:hey i only live 3 blocks away, i can always come back!
me: really now? now youre getting my hopes up
her: im supposed to tell you "if youre cold you could take a blanket from my friend"
me:haha your friend is actually passed out next to friend 2. i was hoping youd say that if im cold i can take a blanket from you
her: hahaha meet you in the bushes! hah (i told her earlier that i want her in the bushes now in hebrew lol)
me:dont make me say it in hebrew! bring a blanket? im getting a bit cold
her: the hebrew is so hot though! haha cuddle with friend 1 until i get there

at this point i actually feel asleep because it was 3 in the morning and i was pretty drunk

i texted her later today
me: well so much for our romantic bush rendezvous
her about 5 hours later: i fell asleep waiting for you in the bushes!
me: you took way to long to get there. i got really cold and went back inside, if only someone would have hurried with a blanket

this was about an hour of so ago. she hasnt responded to me. im pretty sure she will. i wanted to know how im doing thus far and get some advice on what i should say to her next. im not in santa barbara anymore but i can come back just about any weekend. id really like to stay with her next time. any advice on how to make this happen?