So i've met this chick a few times.. not tight with her .. just through mutual friends maybe like 2 or 3 times over the last 3 years. She goes to school in another city so she is never around.. and last night she was out and i got her bbm... this is our texts from today.

She is smoking hot obviously being a lingerie model.. just wanted to share

me: kyla fun hanging w you for a bit last night you babe

her Hahah awww feeling is mutual brian!!!
her: I'm stupidddd for leaving you guys and going to see Brad. He was such a d1ck to me and I was thoroughly enjoying your guys company..

me: Haha no worries .. I left shortly after.. I'm doin the walk of shame right now.. Next time your home we will party k

her- hahahahhaa thats awesome
her: I live here now!
her: So we can party whenever

me: Really! Unreal.. Will you marry me then.. Atleast go facebook official

her: Hahahahah you're precious
her: I'm a fragile soul right now... I'm home because my 4 year relationship got rocky and we were living together in Hamilton so I had to come back where I had support from family and friends. Been a rough few weeks for me

me: Reeeeeboundddddddd!! !
me: Haha just kidding
me: That sucks babe.. Break ups are the worst.. Julie and I broke up after 7 years about a year and a half ago.. So I know what your going through.. Your doin the right thing by being w your fam and friends

her- Hahahahah you're on fire today!!!

me: Haha what ya mean

her-your just being super funny right now
her: Oh they're horrible. I have a heart the size of a watermelon so I'm hurting pretty badly.
her: I'm sorry to hear that about you and julie.. You certainly have me beat with 7 years... Wow.

me- Its all good it wass awhile ago I'm over it.. You will be to.. I'm gonna make it my mission to help you get over it..
me: Ps I love watermelon.. So maybe that means something

her- That's good to hear. it must feel good to be past that.. I look forward to the day I feel that way. Were still figuring things out together so its a little complicated which sucks even more I think!
her- Hahaha watermelon is one of my favs too. Especially when I'm hungover!

me: Just party it up and hang out w your buds.. You meet new people .. Life goes on.. It all works out.. You'll be good.. Besides I'm gonna swoon you soon anyways .. I know your fragile.. I'm an opportunist .
me: I just wanna date for like 6 months..
me: Then I can take half your money.. And the dog.. But it will be fun for you I promise and will help you get over your ex

her: Hahahahahahahah I'm dying right now
her: You are awesome.
her: But I'm totally taking the dog.

me: Haha let's party soon k
me: The dogs mine gina fark off

her: Hahah fragile soul!!!
her: Especially because we had to fight over my kitty
her: haha but yes. I'm down to party pretty much whenever. Have a good sunday

me: Sunday funday! You to. Ill have my people call your people towards the weekend. Behave !

her: Hahaha you too mister.