I met a girl and she is brazilian. She is quite beautiful but she just here until this December and she will need to go to brazil. We dated about a month and we went out for about 6 times. We broke up because she didn’t want to have sex with me and I told her its very hard for me as sex is very important in a relationship. Just like how a couple consider as a couple without kissing and holding hand? She said everything is slow for her and she just had 1 boyfriend before and that was 3 years relationship.

So the night I broke up with her, I sent her an email as below.

‘’ memories..

its a shame that it didnt work. we are so compatible in the photos and i wish things could have been different..

maybe the bus shouldnt come that fast or maybe it comes for a reason. i can feel you you left me and got on the bus last night, at the moment you got on the bus... i had a very strong urges to run to the bus so hard and knock the bus and stop the driver and go with you without thinking anything.

there are so many things i want to say out and tell you but just didnt come out from my mouth, maybe i dont have the courage. things could have been different if we both are not stubborn with our own opinion..

i always think to go for a holiday with you in europe especially germanny, i found a very cheap ticket about £40 to berlin last week when i checked the macdonald but i didnt have the chance to tell you.

i guess it will take a long time for me to forget about this although we been together not for a very long time. i guess you and me will got to be strong, this is the life and we have to have the courage to accept the things we cannot change and i believe in Jesus too. I know i have to try not matter how, life have to move on.

Take care’’

After she replied me


I read
today and it seems it was not you who wrote. I always wanted to know about you, about your feelings and always had to ask for it.
If you told me
that before could have been so different.

God bless you!

Then I tried to message her but she always replied me after a day or two or after 4 hours or something I called she didn’t answer and didn’t call back. I asked her out and she said she is not free and she said next time.

Then I texted her not to this is the end and I wont bother her again because I think she is seeing another guy or she is playing game with me. I think she is trying to make me feel frustrated.

Then after 10 minute the last text that I wont bother her again, she replied me ‘’hi please don’t say that, I am going to sleep now and I will email you x’’

After 5 days, she finally emailed me

‘’ I hope you're ok. You are still without much patience. You never bother me, I like you and you know. I just had no time, I have some plans and I need some money to put into practice, so sometimes I'm working with my aunt. I still think a little weird being friends, but I don`t want to lose you regardless of the direction our lives take, because I love to meet you’’

The thing is should I try to ask her out again but I don’t want to feel like I been played by her.

Maybe she is really a good girl that I should try?

If she is a good girl and care about me, why it took her 1 day or two day to reply my message? I cant believe a person can be that busy!

Do you think I can get her back?do you think she wants me back or she just want to be friend?

Also, she didn’t even want to have sexy with me, that was the problem that broke us up, so even if I successfully get her back, do you think its going to work?