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    Default situation too good to be true?

    okay so this situation i think is a little to good to be true just need some quick advice.... saw a very pretty asian girl at a club on friday with toilet paper stuck to her shoe so i approached we had a quick laugh, i nicknamed her "toilet paper" but had to go back to her friends. when i saw her again later on in the night she was with her friends and i tried initiating again but gorilla of a cock block stopped me and then when another dude was hitting on another one of her friends the cock block, blocked him and thats when the HB walked to her other group of friends so i went and said "this is gonna sound embarrassing but i still know you as toilet paper" blah blah it was really loud so we never really talked about anything or got to know each other at all, it was just some laughs. anyways i got her number without her even telling me her name, i told her im writing her down as toilet paper cause she wont tell me her name.

    so anyways i text her today at 5 30 saying
    me: hello there toilet paper! its danny, what sort of mischief did you get yourself into this weekend?

    HB: hahaha hiiii! the weekends not over yet! ask me again tmrw over drinks and i will tell you allll about it! helen

    it wasnt the greatest of pick ups but look how it turned out! anyways do you guys think this is legit? or too good to be true? thanks guys

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    Default Re: situation too good to be true?

    Yeah it is legit. Go out with her man. Hopefully she doesn't show up with Magilla Gorilla. Which is what you should call him so you look witty and alpha. Hahaha!
    There is no such thing as rejection, only feedback.

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