Now there has been this girl (HB7-8) in my math class (we're both freshmen) and I've been talking a bit too, some flirting, few jokes and laughs all in all, not too bad. Now all that happened during just 3 math lectures. Last time we talked was yesterday in class. This morning I've found out about a party in the town and like everybody is coming (there'll be like at least 100 people I know) so I've decided to find out if that girl is coming too. Made a few calls to some friends but nobody has her phone number nor do they know anything. After a couple of hours I managed to get her number (was stupid enough not to ask for it). Gave her a ring and after a little chit chat she said that she will be around so I've said that I'll look for her to have a drink together. She said like k,cya there and we hung up.

Now for the question/request. I've been pretty direct from day 1 with her, I'm good with her friends (I think one is even into me but we'll skip that for tonight). So I'd like some hint's and tips, like do's and dont's. BTW we're going to be in some kind of club and there'll be loud music and this girl will probably be with some other girls.
Another note, this girl is not from my city but has her apartment near the college buildings.