theres this HB9 i caught eyeing me up at an event and been texting back and forth the last couple days. Ive read sum material and lotta threads but im still kinda new to this stuff just want sum feedback on my text game this mornin! we spent the day yesterday in sum real sexuallu heated texting goin back and forth bout whos gonna rock whos world...... she said ill be here wen ur ready boy, called me out on it and I told her ok tonight im comin then she flaked started sayin yeah i charge by the hour and i dunno if i shouldnt even be texting her after that but today i did....i was tryna build rapport and this is how it went.....gets lil boring sorry but like i said i was trynna build rapport

me-hey smileypants did u wash ur face and brush ur teeth yet?
her-lol umm yea

me-thats good i like to go right into the office without doing those first kinda throw ppl off a lil......lololol im so joking!..hey so where do u work
her-im a dancer(which i already know my co. does business with her co.)

me-oh during the week too?
her-sometimes. oh u mean my legit job?

me-yup day job,9to5 wut else do u do?

me-wow im impressed! where?
her-y u bein sarcastic huh

me-omg i aint bein sarcastic mah !! most chicks who waitress dont like ta say they do
her-I kno i h8 my job but its easy money i guess...

me-why u hate it for gotta do wut u gotta do mouths to feed right
her- yea i guess.......i hate it cuz i dnt have patience

me-wht wut u rather be doin
her-office job...but im good with this one it works with my schedule with tthe kids

me-office job? nooooo u be fallin asleep guarantee....cmon like u grew up thinkin man i really wanna have an office job wen i get
her-haha ok i really wanna e a flight attendant N i can get in but its time away from my kids so not right now.

me-aww das cooldont u have to be like 6 foot tall to do that job?(shes a lil on the shorter side) lolol jk
her-LOL u funnay!

me-Ur sposed to say NI**a I AM 6 FOOT TALL

me-where u wait at? besides ur house for me? lolololol :-)
her-U gt jokes yea

me-yessmam i think im sposed to be a clown wen i grow up but i dint grow up yet.......lolololl

NOTHIN back after that!.....sooo...... i dunno......give me ur take on it!!!!!