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    Default Need Help With My Next Move??

    Just some quick background info: I just moved to florida, my buddy came to visit and he went to check out a college near me, he arranged for us to be toured around by a girl that went to our high school. Now this girl and I know who each other are, but never talked or anything prior to meeting her the other day. She ended by saying that we were going to be friends because i now live so close to her. So the following day I asked her to be friends on Facebook, she accepted and then left me a personal message with her phone number so i responded to her message by giving her my number and her is how the texting has gone so far....

    ME (10:09pm)-what are you doing for halloween
    HER (10:10pm)-Who is this?
    ME (10:13pm)-Anthony?

    This was last night and she did not respond to that last text... but then i wake up this morning to a text from her...

    HER (8:35am)- Omggggg I'm so sorry! Lol i forgot to put your number in my phone

    She didn't leave me with a lot here and i was thinking bout saying something to the effect "its ok but now you owe me one, or something like that. What do you guys think is that good or should i go with something completely different? Any advice would be great appreciated because my text game is not nearly as strong as the other aspects of my game.
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