so there's this HB7 that sits next to me in my film class. it's pretty late in the semester, but she's been showing IOIs since day one: i walked in a minute late and she playfully said "you're late." it became a recurring joke, in fact, the other day i walked in early, before her, and she was like "how did you get here before me?" this led to casual greeting every class, but not too much during or after other than small talk, usually about the material. she is wunna those girls with post-it note pads and every color hi-liter. so i asked her for a post-it and wrote "what's your number?" and she gave me her number and name. the texts went like this:

that day after class:
ME: this is my number. -John

5 days later:
ME: So are you from santurce?

HB: Jaja no from bayamon

ME: So close! I dated a girl with your accent. You hear it in the R's

HB: Jaja really? I dont notice it. Ppl tell me they dont notice i have an accent. Jaja it comes out when I'm nervous

the next day, in class, i walked in (half stoned so i was kinda off and reserved) and she was talking to the girl behind her and sized me up before i sat down next to her. then she said "sup" kind of imperatively. i said it back and nothing else until the end of the intermission (its three hour class so we get a break in between) when she usually walks in late after buying coffee, and i shook my head, she laughed "what?" and then i pointed at my wrist with playful disdain, and she said "i have to buy coffee or else I'll fall asleep."

that day, after class, replying to our previous thread kinda late:
ME: I dont wanna miss your presentation then. I meant to ask you what you got on your paper. I bet I beat you.

HB:You're mean. I got an 80 :S thats fine i did it the night before.

the next day, today:
ME: 85. Day of dont you just wanna die everytime she starts ranting about prague??

HB: I knoooow its so annoying!!!

ME: you're a little annoying too, coming in late with your coffee like a dork :-y

HB: :0 am not. if it bothers u sit on the other side of the table

ME: I would but you'd probably miss me and be louder :->

that was 2 hours ago, and i'm kind of freaking out cause her responses are usually pretty instant, so i doubt she'll respond. i interpreted a lot of her early behavior as subtle IOIs but maybe i overdid it with the last text(s) trying to be cf. i still have to face her in class next week. what should i do?