First off, I'm a complete newb with ZERO confidence and VERY limited experience in social interactions trying to create a natural game.

A little backdrop: I managed to Number Close on a girl today that I've had one BRIEF interaction with before. The synopsis of what happened in person is this:

She had told me she had a test to study for last week and today told me she got an amazing grade on it. Referring back to the conversation we had about wine the previous week I said, "You know what, that is excellent. For doing so well I'll give you my secret Sangria recipe."

So, I pulled the phone out and began to show the picture of it to her to which she replies, "I won't remember that! Text it to me." After getting her number we part ways due to my time constraint. She had also mentioned that she recently got a new number.

Here's the text game so far:

Me: I was supposed to send you something, but I can't quite remember what it was.

Her: Lol, who is this?

Me: See?! You bust on me for not remembering your name and you don't even know who this is! ( I had pretended to forget her name)

Her: Well, you never gave me your phone number, Lane.

Me: You caught me, you're right, but I don't make it a habit to give it out. I have had to change my number TWICE!

Her: Lol, that sucks! No need to worry though. I want stalk you or anything.

Me: It would be flattering if you did, but I'd have mixed emotions about embracing it or filing a restraining order.


Me: I'll send you that recipe a little bit later, but I'm a bit swamped at the moment.

Her: Oh yeah, that's fine.