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    Default Number closed a girl from the club and don't feel like its going well

    So I met this girl at a club on Saturday and number closed her. I waited until Monday to text her and we have been texting for two days now but her responses have been pretty weak. Her response times have been pretty normal/good but i'm pretty much carrying the conversation the whole time. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to open her up a little more. Here is how day 2 went with her.

    Me: Hey Lula! Is that how you spell your name? haha
    Her: yes! hahaaaaa hello
    Me: How has your day been?
    Her: Good urs?!
    Me: Not bad so far but could be better. Just got off work.
    Her: Me tooooo and in class now
    Me: Damn that sucks. I hated going from work to school. I just wanted to sleep all the time in class.
    Her: Me tooooo I love sleep
    Me: Food and sleep are the best things ever
    Her: Agreeeeeed(:
    Me: I haven't eaten dinner yet and i'm getting hungry. You don't happen to be around the ***** area are you?
    Her: I'm hungry tooo and nope haha
    Me: Where are you from?
    Her: Ummm ***** but im from ny
    Me: Oh yeah? I work in (city)! And i've always wanted to visit NY. I'm jealous
    Her: Where aaaaaat? lol and yeah its awesome ill be home winter break!
    Me: Right off *****. I'm over there everyday.
    Her: o.O by buffalo wild wings?
    Me: Yeah! Like a block away from there.
    Her: I live by there LOLLL
    Me: What the h3ll! No way! Are you lying??
    Her: Nopeee
    Me: That is so random
    Me: What is NY like anyways? You'll have to be my travel guide when I go there
    Her: Its awesome!!! Im in class haha
    Me: lol I didn't mean right now. Maybe early next year sometime. Love the city life though.
    Me: I went to San Diego and Chicago recently and loved it. Vegas and NYC are next on the list.
    Her: Niceee Ive been to chicago too!
    Me: Yeah, it was really nice there! I have a friend that lives there. Had an awesome time there!

    I think my next step will be setting up a lunch or something with her since she lives so close to my work. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Number closed a girl from the club and don't feel like its going well

    of course u should

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