In the interest of using this forum to learn about text game, and not just post stories or be entertained, it would be nice if everyone gave some background information and be specific when talking about their situation.

Far too often I see posts "I texted this girl xyz and she ignored me, what do I do?"

This is unhelpful because we have no idea what the initial situation was. You might have had a long conversation or maybe you hardly got to know her at all. Not every kind of text works for every situation: sometimes you barely got her to give out her number and your text has to be really good to work, other times she was begging you to take her number and anything you said was going to work.

As someone who struggles getting good responses when texting (and I know I'm not alone on this), it is hard to know what to text her a girl when reading the posts here. Therefore it would be really nice if people, especially people who have had great success and know what they are doing, would provide some context. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:
I went direct on this girl at a cafe, telling her I had to sit down with her because she was cute. She laughed and asked my name and we got to talking. After about 20 minutes I number closed her. I could tell she was interested because she was telling me about her favorite places to go. So after waiting a day I texted her:
me (3:30): hey, it's kevin from the other day. I'm busy this weekend, but let's check out the place you mentioned next week--assuming you're buying of course.
her (3:41): haha sure, sounds good. Let me know!
Normally, I wouldn't have been so straightforward, and perhaps I should have teased her a bit before suggesting we meet up. But I was pretty sure when I closed her that she was interested so I just went for it. She is kind of a nice girl, so I was afraid to make fun of her too much because I thought it might turn her away. What do you guys think?
Notice how detailed this post is: we know how the close happened, where he stood with her before the first text, what her personality is like, and it even includes the time stamp to show how long it took her to respond.

Obviously, I know this forum isn't the one-stop-shop for text game. I'm not expecting everyone to start posting in this manner because it admittedly takes more time. But the model above shows how much more useful this portion of the forum would be, if more context was given.

As always, let me know if you guys have any thoughts (positive or negative) on this and good luck out there.