Hey guys, I've been stalking for awhil learning some great tips.

Recently I've hit some real problems; :

1-girl I gamed likes me but I don't want to continue it?

2- HB9 been texting, never really met in person very very unresponsive, gives me some small ioi's, how do I really get the ball rolling....

Now the real dilemmas I'm facing are:
-I live in a very small town
-I've got a rep for a "player" already

So I guess the real questIon is: how do I get past my rep with this hb9 and some examples on really getting her to chase me! , I'm not boasting but I have a great cocky/funny game,specially in text. Sorry I understand this is all jumbled, I'm on my phone at work and rushing so can't go back editing etc but I hope you get the idea.

-all natural.