So i met this HB saturday night while I was waiting tables. She was with two of her friends and we ended up flirting alot and they invited me to have desert with them. Needless to say she left her number for me after the meal.

I texted her back and this is how the convo went.

ME: Hey sarah. It's xxxx
HB: Gosh, what a surprise! How are you doing? It's been soooo long since we chatted!!
ME: I know right?!?! I am doing excellent. Alot of things have happened since we last talked. Way too much to go into detail in text
HB: Lol, like you had to take some food to a table?
ME: Yeah something like that =p
HB: Haha...alright then Well I'm off to bed. Catch ya later.

That was on saturday and its now monday. Havent gotten a text back at all. Should I wait it out a little bit longer or should I text her to see if we can grab drinks or something?