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    Default stupid pua material

    To give you a quick prelude to my situation, any previous intimate experience i've had with girls usually ends in disastrous fashion due to me spending all my teenage years in front of a computer screen, and i've been trying to figure girls out in the last 3 years of college. Sometime around the age of 19 i read a bunch of PUA Forums and got it into my head that cheap lines and routines was how to get into relationships. A lot of that crap is still stuck in my head and i feel like im wielding a weapon that i want nothing to do with.

    So I went on a date a few weeks ago and me and her got on really really well - we had so many common interests, shared exact the same sense of humour and got along so well that i was sure i'd met the girl i was destined to marry. At the same time the pua is kicking in and im edging closer to her, putting my arm around her shoulder and doing all that touchey stuff that a PUA does to increase attraction quickly.

    We head back to the dorms, I hold her hand on the way, we get back to the dorms, we start making out, go to my room, more making out, i turn it up a notch, she says good night.

    She no longer speaks to me now, and i cringe daily thinking about the date. Admittedly, half the reason for posting this is to get it off my chest. But my questions are:

    1) How do i get rid of the pua inside of me?
    2) Would apologizing to her and trying to go on another date work?

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    Default Re: stupid pua material

    Besides misusing PUA material, I think you're missing the big picture, here. For one, most of the material, while indeed some of it sleazy and/or not fit for everyone, isn't cheap.

    Being a PUA is not all about stacking material non-stop, especially if you're not really comfortable with it or feel that "it's not the real you". That's why almost all PUA's suggest to their customers/friends to create their own routines based on a combination of what women perceive as attractive traits and your own unique personality and background ( in other words, being natural ).

    From what I can tell, you had the right tools but the wrong Mindset. To answer your first question, at some level, you will continue to use the material provided by PUA's simply because you are aware of it. These are lines/routines that work if delivered right WILL get you the girl. KEEPING her, however, is another skill set, not that different, I might add. And you can grow beautiful relationships from PUA material too, I ( and many others on this forum ) have done it. It's just a matter of mindset.

    As with how that went in your room, I can't really tell if she's a whack-job or you've pushed it too far. How much of a notch did you turn up? Did you guys just fell asleep or did she left? Give us as many details as possible. Even in my most AFC moments in bed, nothing like that has ever happened.

    And to answer your second question, call her, see where you stand with her, however, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT apologize for what happened in your room.

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    Default Re: stupid pua material

    Gotta agree with Sitfab here

    Being a pua is about understanding how women work, don't mistake this for being a player

    You can always try to salvage it but under no circumstances apologize

    Just play it cool, reinitiate contact as though you guys are already friends, make her laugh from an inside joke if you can and go with it how you want
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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