OK I have fallen for this girl that is just awesome she is nice, smart and fun to talk to.

Let me give you a bit of background. I met her online about two weeks ago and she is the first girl I have given my number to and we text everyday and we stop at about midnight every day and she started doing this haunted hayride thing and she invited me to do it with you(I couldn't do it) but then we were texting last night and she said in one "would we still be still be friends if we did not date?" and I replied "yea of course. But I still want to go out with you...why do you ask" she said she is talking to someone that was at the haunted hayride that works with her there and I told her that I really want to date her and she said right now we are still friends. She said we meet a couple times before we can get any farther. And I want to meet her and I said why not meet Tuesday and she said she can't and I understand that completely.

I just want some advice she is the first person I have truely wanted to go out with in a long time.