I will keep it short and sweet..
Me and a girl from my school started talking about 3 weeks ago. I started liking her within about 3 days.. nothing wrong with that in my eyes but I didn't want to be seen as anything bad so I just kept talking to her as I did, trying to get closer. She was always interested in talking, and she also talked to me a few times over Facebook. I even arranged to meet her the next day, which she seemed enthusiastic about. I thought that she might even be interested at this point, but I thought it was best not to consider it as more than friendly.

However, the next day she called off meeting me. Somebody worked out that I probably liked her and it got around until her friend told her that I did. When I found out why later, I talked to her and basically said that I knew she knew, and she says, "know what"? I told her she must know and she says "oh that you like me " so I confessed and admitted I thought it was too early to say but here it was, out in the open. Anyway she didnt seem too fussed, maybe even happy. confusing since she called off the meeting earlier. We were both going to a party later that evening, so I told her I'd see her there.

At the party we talked a little bit, and it seemed to be back to normal already, without any awkwardness. So later on, admittedly we were both fairly drunk (but I always say that drunken actions are sober desires!!) she kept coming to sit with me and stuff. Again, I was drunk, so I told her that since I like her, is there any chance we could get together. she's like, "I don't know", smiling. Even later, I told her I'd walk her home if she wanted. A yes. Later still, she came and layed against me on the sofa & we were basically hugging. When I walked her home, she gave me her number and invited me to her party in 2 weeks time. We hugged before I dropped her off at her house. We texted a little over the weekend.

Anyway, the next time I see her at school, she wouldn't talk to me properly, like she would try to make conversation, but at other times apparently blank me. Anyway, this is where I am now, and its awkward. I feel like she's not really that into me now. I don't want to text her bluntly asking if she is because I don't want to make it more awkward, and I want to keep her as a friend, because after all that's what I was wanting to do before the party!

So yeah, I'm confused and unsure, and its getting to me a little..