Hey, I met this girl in a class we had together during the last semester of school last year, in the summer we had a fling but she broke it off saying she doesn't really want a boyfriend right now, I'm pretty sure I took too long to make a move.

Recently, we've started texting and our social circles have kind of clashed a few times when I've been hanging out with friends. She hasn't had a boyfriend for the past year or so, and she seems to be fairly shy even though she gets hit on fairly often.

Today I initiated a text convo after about a week of not texting her, and I think it went okay, just not sure where to take it from here, I want to avoid the oh-so-dreaded friendzone.

Me: Heyyey
Her: Heyy
Me: Whats up? (Yeah I know, generic text opener)
Her: Just chilling, kinda bored,, wbu?
Me: Just got done cleaning and now I don't have anything to do... Lol
Her: Oh haha why did you have to clean?
Me: Sister and her friend are coming over for the holidays, why are you kinda bored? Haha
Her: Ohh cool(: I'm home alone..
(I didn't really wanna go sexual here, not enough comfort yet imo)
Me: Weeelllll thats boring i guess
Her: Yah I'm watching race to witch mountain and I'm so tired
Me: I see, is it good? And its not even seven :P
Her: Yah it's good, and yah I kno I just haven't slept much in the last few days
Me: Aww, why not?
(2 hours later)
Her: Idk actually but I'm definitely sleeping in tonight (:
Me: Ohhh yeah samesies 6 o clock in the morning is not my friend lol
Her: Yah I kno, so guess what I just did
Me: I was gonna say something witty but I forgot :/ What? haha
Her: Haha that's funny(: so I fell down the stairs and my mom got mad,,
Me: Oh wow, are the stairs alright?
Her: Well that was witty, and hurtful! :P
Me: Sorry, meant to ask if you were okay*
Her: Haha yeah right, you poop!
Me: :P Glad you're okay lol
Her: Haha yeah I am, cos I'm used to being abused by the stairs (:
Me: We should arrest them for child abuse
Her: Exactly! (: Haha

--And... that was about an hour ago. I forgot to reply, but I figure exitting about here would be wise, and not replying is an easy way to keep her thinking. What would you guys recommend? I'm planning on opening with a "Hey, I gotta ask you a serious question..." tomorrow, and replying with "Who do you think would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese sandwhich?"

tl;dr Reinitiated contact with HB8/9 gone cold and am in good standing as of right now. Want to escalate.

I should mention that every few days I see her out at lunch, but don't really want to leave my buds I'm hanging out with and go pull her away from her friends. So if I do escalate it successfully, I do have options of seeing her probably on a daily basis.