Yesterday I met a girl in her 1st day at a practical physics class. She changed her group for that day, so I approached her and she joined our small work group. I was really C&F and made her laugh a lot at class, while I was behaving really alpha (saying what to do in class to make things right, and my classmates obeyed), so that's not a problem. The problem is I was C&F with things ABOUT the class, so no outter topics were touch. I know. My fault.

I got her number at the end with the excuse of meeting up to finish the group homework, and she didn't hesitate to give it to me, so I don't think it'd be a big surprise to get a text from me. She's not just pretty, but her face is filled with joy, and I'm already into her but I like to take risks though. What would you recommend me to say through text?

There are 2 basic options, I start a sms with a subject we talked about and to move on to another in the same sms, or to directly talk about other different thing, but this might be too intrusive. I want to do it tonight, so I'll just be able to consider the answers within 1 hour, but it might help me for the future other answers