so i met this girl at a college party last weekend and we were dancing most of the night and fooling around on the dance floor a little bit. i ended with a Number Close and she told me to text her in two weeks cause this weekend we're home for thanksgiving. i texted her later that night after i got home so she'd have my number too and then i texted her a few days later and our convo was:

me: i saw your twin today
her: Nooooooooo
me: a girl at the gym looked exactly like you so i smiled and waved at her thinking it was you but it wasn't lol
her: hahaha
me: i'm glad you find my embarrassment so funny :-P

i wasn't sure what to make of her responses but i want to text her again soon saying something like "hey there, what kind of trouble are you getting into over break?"

any comments/suggestions??