Ok so I've had her number for about 6 weeks now, we text maybe twice a week. She seems very flirty in person but I need some help with the texting part. First thing is that we get into long conv... like 4 hours long (35 messages each so it's slow paced) how do I limit the time and how long should a good conv. be? Here's a sample of what we texted (bear in mind, we'd be going strong for about 3 hours now...)
her: haha i'm a ninja
me: you're something...
her: you spelt ninja wrong
me: you spelled fail wrong
her: errrrrr!
me: lol you think you're tough
her: but I poke like a boss!
I then went on to call her weird, and when I said weird in a good way she was happy, then I say maybe I didn't mean it that way, anyways what could this all mean? I found it very strange. And no, she isn't referring to facebook. How can I improve my game, what did I do well, what did I do poorly? Also she's 19, I'm 18. Thanks.