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    Default getting the cold shoulder

    okay so this girl isnt being very receptive and i know that she can be, if anyone has some suggestions to get her to open up a bit more itd be greatly appreciated

    me: hey name, your face popped up on my newsfeed... reminded me of some of the good times we had, how have you been?

    her: hey! ive been already, how are you?

    me: ive been great, fighting terrorism and i actually learned how to ride a unicorn recently... you know, the usual lol so pumped for this weekend, im going to this HUGE concert and then the next day i have to play in the ryerson intramural ball hockey finals. what sort of trouble are you getting yourself into this weekend?

    her: lol, good luck on your hockey finals. and nothing really- just work and birthdays

    me: thanks! you should come join our cheerleading squad, were holding try out for next semester. all you have to do is follow me around and just cheer no matter what, regardless of if we win. you gotta cheer during the games, when i have class, work, etc. the pay is terrible but the benefits are second to none, you get to hang out with me! deal?

    her: lol i don't cheerlead, it's not really my thing.. haha but i'll come watch if i happen to have some free time

    so if anyone has some ideas and suggestions, please help. as a side note, i know im writing a lot but im just trying to get to open up that way, if i try to mirror her the conversation would die VERY fast. thanks for the help guys

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    Default Re: getting the cold shoulder

    I honestly thought your texts were hilarious. I just think they are a tad bit long. If this is a girl you have not talked to in a while, do not make the conversation about you. Let her talk about herself. Girl's do not follow the rule "you have two ears and one mouth; listen twice as much as you speak". Unfortunately we are subjected to this shit. Trust me man, I am a Div. 1 lacrosse player and good looking girls do not want to listen to you if you start a convo about your athletics. It is good you are making jokes about yourself but you have to neg her. Make her defend herself. Say something like "yea you are right, you do not look like the cheerleading type". She could say something short like "why". You: "you don't seem enthusiastic". So enough about you and make the convo about her.

    For the "Just work and birthdays", "happen to have some free time" texts. Unless she is working at Chucky Cheeses or Lego Land that is not an excuse to not answer texts or watch a hockey game. negging her will reveal more about herself thus making more out of the conversation.

    Keep being creative and Good Luck

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