Ok guys heres the most recent conversation with this girl,I've been on and off talking with her for about a year and we kissed one time on a night out.I'm not having any real issues I'm just unsure as to weather or not she's interested.

Im gonna start mid way through the conversation so bear with me, ps- she's recently been hospital for a broken foot-

Her (Friday 08:57) -True, true (my name) guess who's just applied to your uni? yeah! Ive been back iin uni for 2 weeks now :'( tight! Xxxxxxxxxx

Me (Monday 15:10)- Oh my days! Thats awesome you well need to come down to this Uni! What are you gonna study? haha sweet, no need to beat you at that wheel chair race now though haha xxxxxxxxx

Her (Monday 15:19)- Diagnostic Raaadddiography! ps- what happened to you visiting me at work?!!!! hate you xxxxxxxxxxx

Me (Monday 15:35)-Haha so no more dentist!?:S I thought i get you in trouble with your boss when i visit you, besides are you going to Rachel's Party in 2 weeks?xxxxxx

Her (Monday 15:37)- You never do! ohh (my name again!) I well want too but my footcome and look after me? i miss yahhhh Xxxxxxxxxx

Me (Tuesday 16:55)- What come with you to the party? hmmm i might do, but i'll have to bring you my grandmas walking stick thoughhaha Xxxxxxxx

Her- (Tuesday 18:15) I know :'( thanksssss i think i'll need it xxxxxxxx

Im thinking of leaving the text now and replying in a few days (closer to the party) but whats my next best move? Should i still go to this party (i only know 2 or 3 people including her!)